Hot Air Balloon Ride and Experience in Las Vegas

Taking a trip to Las Vegas is a special experience. You should savor it as much as possible and try out experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. A hot air balloon ride would certainly qualify as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At Las Vegas Balloon Rides, we have a little something for just about anyone with a variety of packages and offerings. When you ride with us, you’ll get an experience that will last a lifetime.

Our Flight Options

At Las Vegas Balloon Rides, we believe the best ability is availability. People visit Las Vegas no matter what the time of year, so we offer all of our options 365 days per year. We have a 45-60 minute sunrise hot air balloon flight.  Call us ahead of time to hear about any specials we may be offering. Additionally, we specialize in hot air balloon weddings. Call us for more details on the various packages we offer. We can entertain any special requests provided they fit into our safety requirements. For an experience like no other, we include breakfast, wine tasting and a champagne toast will all flights!

Shared Basket Rate * 8 People Max $295.00 Per Person

Standard Rate * 4 People Max $375.00 Per Person

Private Rate * Minimum of 2 People $595.00 Per Person

For a reservation, please fill out the forms below and email them to

What To Know Before the Flight

Before you join us for your big day, there are a few things you should know. First, all hot air balloon flights are weather dependent. Because of this, we recommend you book your flight as early in your trip as possible. As the only full-time hot air balloon company in Vegas with a perfect safety record, you know we take the well-being of our guests seriously.

You should also know that an additional charge may be added to any passengers weighing more than 250 pounds. We recommend that you dress as if you were walking outside, no additional clothing will be necessary. Although, we do suggest you wear a hat. Close-toed, flat sole shoes are required. We do not allow heels or sandals.

Now that you know what to Expect, book your flight and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

hot air balloon

hot air balloon